eat here

Or does it?

I headed to the suburbs of Connecticut this past weekend to relax, cook and enjoy the foliage that Brooklyn generally lacks. I stopped here for some BBQ after a stint at a local farm and a trip to a restaurant supply store:

It’s a food truck of sorts, located on the edge of a parking lot, equipped with a smoker and everything. I ordered a pulled pork sandwich, brought it home, stripped off my clothes, got down to my underwear…and headed straight into the comfiest pajama ensemble available. Scarfed down the sandwich faster than I would have liked, but, as they say, it was good while it lasted.

Who knew Connecticut offered good BBQ? Not me. And I’m not really sure it does. But Big Country’s Hickory Pit BBQis worth checking out if you find yourself in Wallingford, CT.


…a girl takes off her pants.

There are a few sure-fire ways to get me in my underwear. For our purposes here at E.I.Y.U., I’ll get to the more relevant method: meat. And Noah Bernamoff, owner of Mile End Delicatessen in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, makes the meat that does the trick.

I’m a fan of the deli’s poutine with smoked meat, a Quebec classic composed of a mound of French fries topped with cheese curds and slathered with gravy. Chunks of house-smoked meat are, to me, less the icing on the cake, and more an integral part of this dish.

Go to Mile End, eat the meat, and take off the pants*. If not because the meat will do for you what it does for me, then at least because you need to expand.

*Please do not do this in public. Wait till you get home, will ya? Perv.