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Last night in class we were given free reign in the kitchen: prepare a dish using fillets of flounder and any ingredients we could find. It was like a watered down, amateur version of Chopped, but it was scary as hell. I had to work extra-hard to control my bowels.

At the end of the assignment, I had produced a solid dish that I felt met Chef’s standards. On the bottom was a hash of sweet potatoes, chorizo, shallots, scallions, minced garlic and fresh ginger, sauteed in butter and oil and seasoned with lime juice and S & P. On top of the hash went sauteed flounder and a fried egg. Everything was topped off with a lime hollandaise sauce. And so is born, flounder hash, perfect for any time of day.

Chef loved the dish; his only complaint was there was too much hash on the plate and the presentation could have been cleaner. My friend and classmate, Hana Choi, stated she would eat it for dinner, in her underwear. That, to me, screams success.