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Several years ago I was fortunate enough not only to take a vacation with my family, but to take it in Hawaii. It was the perfect marriage of physical activities and pure laziness, and peppered throughout were many a mai tai. Being that it is summer and I cannot be much farther away from Hawaii if I tried, I thought it was high time I create my own version of this iconic libation that so impeccably represents the season.


2 parts dark rum
1 part amaretto
1 part pineapple juice
Club soda (optional)

Combine rum, amaretto and pineapple juice and stir. Pour over ice and top with club soda, if desired.

Consume outdoors, guinea-style, like I do (and am doing, right now): in a lawn chair on my front porch. Perhaps I’ll pick a flower and stick it in my hair…Passersby, be jealous.