cookie exchange

Let’s see. Christmas was nine months ago, which makes right about now the perfect time to return my mom’s Christmas cookie tins. This leaves her three solid months to bake me cookies for this year’s holiday season.

I’ll spare you the “I’m no baker” speech and just get to it already. The biscotti recipe I used can be found here. I swapped the almond extract for vanilla extract, and used one cup of roasted sunflower seeds left whole (buy raw and roast yourself for a better, fresher taste) in place of the cup and a half of chopped almonds.

What will that get you?

Oh yes. There they are. Merry Christmas, Mama. Keep your pants on.

  1. Mappy said:

    Wow! My Christmas tin will be returned full! That’s a first!
    Can’t wait to try that biscotti!
    My pants are on…for now….

  2. Mappy said:

    I like your replacement of sunflower seeds for the almonds and the vanilla extract in place of the almond extract.
    Delicate contrast to the hearty texture of the biscotti.
    Good job, Jackie…

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