everyone else is doing it

I guess I should mention what I’m thankful for, since it’s Thangsiving and all. In reality, the basis of this holiday is gruesome and not something that should be celebrated. That being said, what it now represents is what I’m all about: good food, lots of drinks, all with the people you love.

I am thankful for my parents, because of their love, support and friendship, and because they gave me my brother, my best friend and partner in crime. I am thankful for my S.S., who actually tolerates me, and I think even likes me. I am thankful for my friends, both new and old. I am thankful to be on the path to pursuing my life goals.

And, of course, I am thankful for salt, bacon and butter.

Happy and healthy Thanksgiving to all my faithful readers.

  1. Amanda said:

    Happy thanksgiving I am thankful for you! ❤

    • jaxhubbard said:

      :))) I’m thankful for you too! But I’m NOT thankful for the fact we never see each other :(((

  2. Mappy said:

    Why is the basis for Thanksgiving gruesome in nature? I disagree…
    It’s about giving thanks… 🙂


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