sharpen your knives. now.

It is very likely that those knives in your kitchen aren’t sharp. I’m not judging you. In fact, only very recently have I purchased a whetstone and started sharpening my knives by hand.

As you are aware, last night I battled my way through my midterm. Now there was little I could do to prepare for the thing. Sure, I studied the recipes that we’d potentially be required to execute, but my skills were not going to hugely improve overnight. The only thing I could do that would make my job easier was to have the proper tools.

So there I was, in my kitchen, Tom Petty in the background, sharpening my knives just hours before the midterm. I got those knives scary sharp, which may not have made me a better cook, but did make the prep work less of a chore.

The point? Cooking is way more fun when you take care of your equipment, because, in turn, it’ll take care of you.


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