cinnamon toast

One of the most comforting foods I’ve ever known is cinnamon toast. Growing up, my dad was the one to make my breakfast. Often it consisted of a Breakfast Hot Pocket, or a Toaster Strudel, but on a good day, my dad would make cinnamon toast. Last week, in an effort to ease my pre-midterm nerves, I whipped up a few slices:

My parents had made me a loaf of homemade white bread, which I toasted and then topped it with a generous smear of butter and a good sprinkling of sugar and pumpkin pie spice (though, as the name suggests, cinnamon is the more traditional route).

  1. peterfny said:

    I’m still trying to replicate my Dad’s french toast. Wish I’d been smart enough to ask him what the magic was that he added. I get close but no ceegar. BTW I love this blog…!

    • jaxhubbard said:

      My cinnamon toast wasn’t as good as my dad’s. Let me know how the French toast comes out–I’ve been planning on making it soon. Thanks for the follow, and the comments!

  2. Mappy said:

    So glad you remember Pappy’s efforts! xoxo
    You know Mama wasn’t the morning person ; )

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