fancy football feast: the finale

Avocado is my favorite fruit (you heard me) and guacamole is The Ultimate Dip. It’s ridiculously easy to prepare and can be tailored in many ways to make a unique dip that suites your taste. For me, minimalism reigns.

Mash up Hass avocados with fresh chopped cilantro, fresh lime juice and salt. That’s it.

Smear the guacamole on top of the crostini and top with shrimp (these were tossed with oil, S & P, roasted for 5 minutes in a 400-degree Fahrenheit oven, and then sliced in half horizontally).

  1. Craig said:

    OK…I’m from TX. Here’s your guacamole recipe:

    onions (ciceler to taste)
    tomatoes seeded and chopped finely
    jalepeno or pablano pepper finely chopped
    sea salt or maldon’s salt

    accept no substitues!

    • Craig said:

      oh and lime juice…and if you are feeling sassy, a little of the zest.

  2. Mappy said:

    Sounds good Craig! I like the idea of the lime zest added…I do prefer, however, the simplicity of the ingredients in Jax’s recipe. It is about the avocado, after all. They don’t need disguise – – just a little enhancement. There’s plenty of room for tomatoes in all those salsa dishes!

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