scotch eggs

Being that it was just St. Patty’s Day, is it wrong to write about Scotch Eggs? Yes? Then I don’t wanna be right. This dish is fairly straight forward, but requires just a bit of time, patience, and a gentle touch.

Start by making the eggs, which should be cooked just shy of hard-boiled (in a pot, cover eggs with cold water and bring to a boil. Turn the heat off, cover the pot, and cook for 9 minutes. Remove the eggs, run under cold water, peel). Sprinkle the eggs withS & P and encase each egg in bulk sausage (also seasoned gently with S & P).

Roll the balls (hehe) in flour, then beaten eggs, and finally breadcrumbs (seasoned however you like). Fry in canola oil, using one ball (hehe) as a tester, making sure the sausage is cooked through. Drain on a paper towel and sprinkle a bit more salt right when they come out of the oil.

Scotch eggs can be dipped in mustard and served with little more than a simple, fresh salad.


  1. Mappy said:

    YUM!! When, oh when, am I going to be treated to this???

  2. Mappy said:

    Well?? When!! Maybe when we’re off the week of May 7th?
    xoxoKeep up the good work, Jacqueline!

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