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As promised in this recent post, I prepared a mean chili for last weekend’s Super Bowl.

Start by rendering bacon in a bit of oil in a large pot. Once slightly crispy, remove the bacon, leaving the bacon fat in the pot, and set aside. Sweat chopped onions and garlic in the fat. (For a spicier version, add chopped jalape├▒os to the party at this point.)

Once the onions are translucent, add the spices and toast for 1-2 minutes: paprika, chili powder, cayenne pepper, cumin, cinnamon and cocoa powder all made it into my chili. (Here is when you should deglaze with a bottle of beer and allow it to reduce, a step which I forgot.)

Now add ground beef and cook until it just loses its pink color, stirring often to break the meat apart. Pour in canned diced tomatoes, rinsed canned black beans and the reserved bacon and add enough chicken broth to cover.

Over low heat, strirring occasionally, cook the chili until the liquid has mostly evaporated, which, for me, took about two hours. Season with salt to taste.


I know that you’re supposed to have soup when you’re sick, but after trying this–gulp–vegetarian chili, it hit the spot. Maybe I still feel like $#!+, but at least I had a taste of comfort food, and all I had to do was a little prep work the night before, and turn the slow cooker on in the morning.

I came home from work, spooned some chili into a big bowl and topped it with Greek yogurt and sliced scallions.*

You can find the recipe here, on the Real Simple website. Take the opportunity to actually enjoy this meatless chili; I’m not saying it’s better than a beefy variety, but it’s damn tasty.

*Please note: when I am sick, there is little motivation for me to eat in my underwear; however, once I recover, I’ll be stripping down to enjoy this little number. And I won’t feel guilty after polishing off a bowl (or two).