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For our final official weekend of summer (I know, I know–this post is a bit late), my dad visited and made this Bon Appetit recipe. I had made my own version into something I called Quick Tomato Chive Jam, and it’s so good I have to revisit.

Goodbye, summer. Goodbye, summer tomatoes.

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Luckily my cheesy dinner doesn’t stop at broccoli cheddar soup. A twice baked, loaded potato compliments the soup and rounds out the meal.

Roast the potatoes whole in a 375-degree oven until tender, or easily pierced with a sharp knife, which will seem like an eternity. Once cool enough to handle, scoop put the flesh and mash with cheddar cheese, sour cream, chopped chives and crumbled cooked bacon. Season with S & P.

Next, fill the potato skins with the mashed potatoes, top with a bit more cheese and bake just until warmed through and the cheese on top melts.