show us your huevos

One of my favorite weekend activities includes lazing around all day in my underwear, watching movies, putting off responsibilities, drinking too much coffee till late in the afternoon (particularly in bed), googling stupidity, and making a hearty lunfast (not quite as catchy as brunch, I suppose). A perfect meal for this type of day? Huevos rancheros:

Microwave frozen brown rice according to the directions, or use boil-in-a-bag brown rice. (Feel free to make your own brown rice. I rarely do.) Mix with rinsed canned beans and chopped fresh cilantro. Top the rice with salsa, sliced avocado and a fried egg. Season with S & P.

    • jaxhubbard said:

      Too easy and tasty. Let me know what you did to make yours “yours”. Thanks for dropping by!

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