naked fridge

After escaping to the suburbs for the weekend, I came home to this. It’s always a surprise to remember how I left things, but this was just too pathetic not to share. Let’s all be aware that we are looking at baking soda, which my mom insisted I purchase and replace every 30 days (that same box has been there for nearly two years); a mostly empty, flat ginger ale, used two weeks ago for whiskey cocktails; two on-their-way-out lemons; and a bit of feta cheese.

Do you have something (or nothing) in your refrigerator that is worth exposing? E-mail your photos and perhaps it’ll get featured on the old blog.

  1. this is like a “chopped” basket!!… and a mean one too…

  2. Bear said:

    I have awesome crostini in my fridge. And bud light. That’s about all.

  3. jaxhubbard said:

    A horrible ‘Chopped’ basket, indeed! And terribly underwhelming.

    Crostini and Bud Light–so lucky! But seriously, go shopping.

  4. jaxhubbard said:

    And thank you both for the visit–come back again!

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