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My brother, an Airman and, more importantly, my best friend, is as much of a disappointment as his sister. Despite having been guided by our parents and disciplined by the U.S. Air Force, his standards for living have obviously declined since he’s been on his own. This is evidenced by the contents of his refrigerator:

Here we have a mostly eaten package of taco-flavored shredded cheese, two hot dogs, jelly, mustard, and a Domino’s…coupon. Remind you of anyone? It’s obvious now more than ever that we share the same bloodline.

I wonder if he eats this stuff in his underwear. I doubt he eats anything in his underwear. In fact, I doubt he even eats.


The following picture was sent to me from one of my best friends, who is also a registered dietitian:


In this sad refrigerator, you will find water, cereal, soy sauce, salad dressing, sun-dried tomatoes, soyaki sauce, raisins and, of course, baking soda.

She also revealed to me that she enjoys eating bread with gobs of butter in her underwear. Thanks for the photo!